Unlike some years back when sites were almost exclusively static, the standard currently is to have a feature-rich, dynamic web site. Few people can create this sort of site completely from scratch though, hence the simplest solution to have a dynamic website is to use a script app. A lot of hosting service providers offer script installers that can be used to add this sort of an application for any of your domain or subdomains, so you will not have to add anything manually. The main advantage of using an installer tool is that the scripts are ready to use in a few minutes and the copy which will be installed is already with the settings necessary for it to run properly on the particular hosting web server, so you'll not have to alter any script or account settings. In this way you can quickly create one with just a couple of clicks even though you may have never had an Internet site before.

1-click Applications Installer in Cloud Hosting

If you pick any of our cloud hosting packages, you will get access to our custom-built 1-click script installer, which comes with over fifty apps. You’re able to create any kind of Internet site you'd like - a discussion board, a picture gallery, an online community or an online store. You can employ as many copies of a certain script and as many scripts, as you desire. For example, you may have an electronic commerce website under your domain address together with a forum under a subdomain in order to provide your potential customers with means to discuss your products and services. The installer is going to be available through your website hosting CP at no extra charge and using it is as basic as picking a script and a domain, then clicking on the Install button. Our system will perform the rest, so a few minutes later you can sign in to the script’s administration area and begin customizing your new website.