When you're looking for a better hosting service and would like to change your hosting provider, you'll have to relocate the Internet site content to the web hosting servers of the new firm. While this may be performed without difficulty for a modest HTML site, it may be harder to migrate a script-driven Internet site, which employs a database, not to mention when you have a number of Internet sites. You will have to migrate a lot of files, databases and e mails, not mentioning that you shall have to import everything on the new hosting server and change many system settings as to get the Internet sites online on the new hosting platform. To save you the time and the effort to move your content, we provide a totally free site migration service, so based on the type of web hosting and the specific plan that you opt for, our tech support team can easily move even multiple websites for you, ensuring that the way they look and function will be precisely the same.

Assisted Website Migration in Cloud Hosting

You can take full advantage of this 100 % free service whatever the cloud hosting package you have picked and you'll be able to contact us as soon as your new account has been set up. There shall not be a problem for our technical support team to move even several sites as long as you've selected a plan where you are able to host more than a single domain name. When they are done with the migration to our innovative cloud Internet hosting platform, they'll test if everything is working correctly before they inform you that you are able to change the name servers of your domain as to point it to our servers. We can move any site that runs on a LAMP machine and isn't produced on a closed platform like Yola or Wix in which we cannot access the site files to copy them. This includes not just popular platforms like WordPress or Moodle, but also any custom web site. When you employ our migration service, we could set everything up within 24 to 48 hours, so you could begin using our platform immediately.